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    Cost Visibility

    Teams have saved 50% on their cloud bill in the first 30 days using Vantage.

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    Automated Savings

    Autopilot identifies and applies cost savings on your behalf. No infrastructure changes or financial commitments required.

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    Secure Connection

    Vantage uses read-only service accounts to access cost data on AWS, GCP, and other supported providers.


  • Andrew Barba

    Head of Engineering at Barstool Sports

    "Vantage has already helped us cut our total AWS bill by over 50%. The best part is we can see Fastly and AWS costs in the same report."

  • Software Engineer

    at Dispo

    "Vantage automatically detected our growing CloudFront costs, surfaced a recommendation to use Cloudflare and saved us over 90% on our egress fees when we make the switch."

  • Sam Kottler

    Director of Engineering at PlanetScale

    "We are using Vantage to get cost visibility across all resources and check in periodically to make sure we are on target with savings which directly impacts our bottom line for the company."

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